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Egyptian Grillers goes one step further in bringing beautiful middle Easter culture, food and atmosphere that’s missing in many Sydney restaurants. The meat shawarma roll is absolutely to die for!!! 🤤🤤I absolutely loved the atmosphere; very fun and vibrant! They entertained us with live music and dancing! Not to mention that the staff is very energetic and high-spirited😍 Can’t wait to eat here again!!
Incredible Egyptian food. I ordered the El King combo. The food tasted so good, it also had a great atmosphere and very friendly staff.
I would highly recommend.
WOW, such unique and delicious flavours. Not only amazing and authentic tasting Egyptian food, but the whole experience and vibe is like being in Egypt. We ordered beef shawarma loaded fries, the chicken shawarma burger and sugar cane juice (the best I’ve ever tasted in Australia). They also have vegan and seafood options, which I’m keen to go back and try.
Amazing experience and great vibes!!! I tried some authentic Egyptian food, which was so delicious and took me back to Egypt. My favourite was the Prawns loaded fries. I’ll definitely be back again very soon to try more food🤩

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WOW ! WOW! WOW! My family and I just had dinner at Egyptian Grillers, let's start by saying we will definitely be back. Finally authentic and traditional Egyptian food close to home. We had the Kairo roll, El King, El Brence and Hot chips, these delicious dishes are filled with amazing flavour and generous portions. We were also treated to my favourite drink of all time, Sugar Cane juice, and it was ON POINT!!! Another reason why we will definitely be visiting again is because of the service and hospitality, we were treated like family from the moment we arrived, exceptional service, quality food. Egyptian Grillers is a must-try.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FOOD!! 😍😍 As a Sydney food blogger myself, this place is one of a kind! The staff are incredible, and the atmosphere is very lively! I’ve ordered the off-the-menu Prawn Loaded fries multiple times (It is PHENOMENAL, I definitely recommend 🤩)
Would eat here again!!
FINALLY proper Egyptian food in Sydney!! Hands down, the best street food experience I've ever had!! The vibe, the service and the FOOD (OMG THE FOOD) were all on point!! My favourites were El King Shawerma and Gambary Giza 🤤🤤 my taste buds are in love 😍😍 enjoyed every single bite!! Unique and rich flavours and generous portions. The sugar cane alone took me back to Egypt 😭❤ Definitely coming back 🙌